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Do you have a car to survive zombie killers? In this zombie derby game, you have to run from these zombies and save people by using your zombie derby car game. Zombie Derby car game is about you, stuck in a city attack where zombies are attacking innocent people and turning them into zombies too. It is time to show your skills as a zombie car game and roadkill all these zombies using zombie car.

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You got limited time to complete any level, save the people and kill the zombies chasing them. If you kill any citizen than your time available will drop and your mission will be failed. So finish your mission in given time and don't let these zombies kill more people. Show your skills in this zombie derby city attack. The 3D graphics are amazing you will get killer zombie car game experience. You can change your camera angle also to get more amazing zombie car game experience. The controllers are amazing; you can change them easily while playing the game and also from settings, have fun this zombie derby.


Zombie Derby 3D - City Attack Zombie Car Game_androidappsapk.co_1.apk (47 MB)

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