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Best hunting game “Rabbit Hunting Challenge” get ready for real action. It is FPS shooting game where you have to hunt these small rabbits with excellent shooting skills and enjoy rabbit hunting and complete this rabbit hunting challenge. In this rabbit hunting you will see very beautiful environment consists of green valley and hills, where rabbits will run as well as they can hide behind the bushes or another thing so rabbit hunting is going to be difficult. 

You will love to play this interesting game because we have used best 3D graphics so that you enjoy rabbit hunting. Latest weapon sniper gun is used for shooting or hunting the rabbit. You have to be quick while shooting the target because rabbits are very quick in running and they will hide so it is not easy rabbit hunting. You have to be quick, smart and skillful while hunting the rabbit; you have to hastily shot before its running. When you will go to forest for hunting the rabbits there might be a possibility of some other big animal hunting could come in your way so you have to be careful and that will make you best rabbit hunting champion with your sniper gun.

Install instructions

Features of Rabbit Hunting Challenge are:
• Latest sniper gun for rabbit hunting. 
• Realistic 3D model of rabbit.
• 3D environment with amazing graphics.
• Smooth controllers for animal hunting.
• Friendly UI


Rabbit Hunting Challenge_androidappsapk.co_1.apk (26 MB)

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