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Halloween Photo Editor-makeup-sticker is the scariest app for mobile. Halloween is around the corner! Ready to be scared? Ready for freaky time? You will need some great Halloween costumes and amazing decorations for your pics! Download “Halloween Photo Editor-makeup-sticker” and edit photos with scary face hole designs, spooky stickers and famous Halloween quotes. Look like zombies, vampires, witches, demons, ghosts and be surrounded with depressing atmospheres like old castles, dungeons, haunted houses. Create spooky, creepy and silly photos with magical Halloween photo Editor. You can be anything you want when you edit photo with Halloween Photo Editor-makeup-sticker
Amazing photo editor with cool stickers & Quotes
Select photo from phone gallery and put image in the face in hole
Write your own text on your photos
Choose your favorite photo montage design 
Set your photo as background wallpaper
Share your spooky photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp with your friends 

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Published 8 days ago


Halloween Photo Editor-Makeup-Sticker_androidappsapk.co_1.apk (14 MB)

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